The Potting Shed | Easter
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It’s Easter Monday, and the shop is open today, despite what google may tell you. I can’t seem to alter the settings, which is probably due more to my technical aptitude than the fault of Google.

The weather has really started warming up, so its a great time to plant for the coming year. I am getting more plants in every week, the tables at the rear of the shop are starting to fill up, if you didn’t know there is a walled garden at the rear of the shop where i sell plants, compost, pots, canes and lots more

New in this last week is a range of Organically Grown plants. Raised in peat free compost, and without the use of any pesticides these are the best plants if you want to be sure you are providing the healthiest source of pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. There are 3 sizes of pot, 9cm at £4.99 each (3 for £12), 1 litre at £5.99 and 2 litre at £7.99.   This is very good value for money, the smaller herbaceous plants will very quickly grow. There is a good selection of plants, easily enough to give flower all summer. I hope to order a wider selection if they prove popular.

I am holding off from getting bedding plants in until we are in May, although the weather is lovely and warm today, the forecast is for a bit cooler again this coming week, and being quite exposed up here on the hill it is safest to wait anther couple of weeks, I will update as soon as i get some.

The same is true for houseplants, it still gets cold in the shop overnight so i need to wait a bit longer before stocking up.

Please remember, if you are looking for a particular plant, please ask, i may be able to source it for you.