The Potting Shed | March
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After a slightly unseasonal, but very welcome warm spell in late February, temperatures have gone back to ‘normal’, whatever that means these days, but Spring is definitely just around the corner, and so I am getting stocked up on all you’ll need for the coming season.

Seeds- As well as the ever popular Franchi Italian seeds, I am now stocking Johnson’s seeds, to give you even more choice of flower & veg Varieties.

Bulbs- Summer flowering bulbs can be planted now, some need an early start indoors so don’t leave it too late, stock is limited as well. Begonia, Dahlia (including a few Organic varieties), Gladioli, Lily & Others. Also Onion sets & Garlic for the allotment.

Allotment/Veg growing –  Fleece can be put down on top of the soil to help warm it up, I also have seedling tunnels and cloches which do the same, as well as protecting your new seedlings from frost/pest damage. For the slightly more keen grower, mini polytunnels and Grower Frames are also in stock.

Plants- I am slowly building up outdoor plants as the weather warms and the herbaceous plants start emerging. If you are looking for anything in particular, please ask, I can advise on availibility/planting time. Its still too early for houseplants in the shop, too cold and dark for them at the moment. (my shop is particularly chilly).

Planting sundries- I have recently had a new delivery of Dalefoot sheeps wool compost, so am all set for the planting season, with their multi purpose, Veg & Salad, Ericaceous, Clay Busting and Double Strength composts. I also have some Horse Compost, great feed for Roses/Many Veg, as well as good general mulch for garden plants. Plenty of feeds are available in store, including mycorrhizal fungi, and Organic Rose feed.

Wild Bird Care- Various feeds, including peanut butter, dried sunflower flowers, dried corn on the cob, as well as selection of feeders, from traditional to modern contemporary designs.

Giftware- As always, an ever expanding & changing giftware range, with new stock as well as popular lines. I try to keep a flower, or garden theme to the gifts, although that doesn’t mean they are only for gardeners. Mothers Day is approaching, perhaps you can find a card or present here?

I look forward to seeing you all as the season starts to get going, Spring is definitely nearly here!!