The Potting Shed | Winter!!!
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Hi there,

January seems to be flying by, as the days slowly get longer without it being dark by 4pm. We seem to be having a cold spell now, it often seems late Jan/early Feb are the coldest parts of winter, but at least the sun was shining today at least, which is better than the dull days of December.

So, what’s going on at The Potting Shed? There is currently a sale on, lots of plants outside are 25% off, with some at 50% too. As long as the soil isn’t frozen they can go in, or keep them somewhere a bit sheltered until it warms up a bit.

Our Dalefoot compost, made from Sheeps Wool & Bracken is also on special offer at the moment to make way for new seasons stock. Normally £5.99 a bag, now at £4.99. Ericaceous or double strength ericaceous for lime hating plants (Camellia, Rhododendron, Azalea etc). The double strength can be used as a top dressing around mature plants to mulch and feed the plants, or mixed 50/50 with garden soil in pots to make it go further. Also available is Vegetable compost, Double Strength Multi Purpose, or Lakeland Gold, which is brilliant for breaking down clay soils, lightly dig in or simply apply on top of your soil. Delivery is FREE locally.

Outdoor pots are also on sale, 20% off ceramic glazed and terracotta lattice patterned (square or round), whilst the terracotta troughs are buy 2 get 1 FREE.

In the shop Hannah Nunn handmade lamps are now 30% off while stock lasts, these lamps are simply beautiful with their flower patterns casting warm light in your lounge or bedroom. Candles by The Botanical Candle Company are 20% off, at this time of year a scented candle warms more than just the air. There are lots of other items reduced, including some tools, Christmas items, and handmade wooden cactus pots, plus more.

Looking to the new season, I am arranging to have a new seed supplier, Johnson’s seeds. I will still for the time being be stocking Franchi seeds, I am going to see which prove to be the more popular. It is already time to start sowing some vegetables, I have seed compost, trays, propagators etc to get you started, as well as books on growing veg/starting allotments for people trying this for the first time.

As is everybody else, I am trying to cut down on plastic, being a very small shop it’s not easy, but i have got in wooden dibbers and plant labels for example, and when i can trying to buy things with reduced packaging. I am also pushing my suppliers to start using the new taupe coloured recylable plastic pots rather than black, although it looks like it may be some time before this becomes standard practice.

If you didn’t know, The Potting Shed has a Facebook, Instagram and recently, a Twitter page, where i post regular pictures, stock updates and share useful articles from other people. I do have a small favour to ask of those of you who follow my FB or IG. The way these sites work, the more likes and comments a page gets, the more followers actually see the post. I wouldnt ask you to like every post, but a quick “like” click or little positive comment will really help me spread the word.

Of course, word of mouth is always going to be the best recommendation, so please tell your friends/neighbours I am here, there are still people in Shaftesbury who don’t know about the shop. In return, I promise to keep my prices as keen as possible, and keep sourcing unusual, but lovely gifts. I am always open to suggestions

Thankyou, and stay warm