The Potting Shed | Chilly morning!!
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Chilly morning!!

Chilly morning!!

I had to defrost my windscreen this morning for the first time this year, always everybody’s favourite task when it’s freezing cold and you’ve barely got out of bed!

It means though, that if you haven’t already considered protecting your plants for the winter, now is the time to do it before we get harder frosts. At The Potting Shed we have garden fleece to drape or wrap around your slightly tender plants or veg, cloches and frost protection tunnels, and bubblewrap which is great for insulating greenhouses.

Bubble wrap, larger bubbles are better for trapping air

Spring flowering bulbs are still available, it’s not too late to plant daffodils, crocus, hyacinth etc and Nov is the perfect time to plant Tulips. A SPECIAL OFFER is on at the moment, buy 4 or more packets of bulbs (except Tulips) and get 20% off. For Tulips the discount is 10%.

Christmas is fast approaching, and our range of decorations and gifts is now on display. Here is a small selection to tease you.

Have a wonderful Saturday, it’s a lovely sunny day so wrap up and enjoy the sunshine whilst you can.

Best Wishes