The Potting Shed | Summer Flowering Bulbs
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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Here is a list of all the bulbs in stock now, they will go quick so don’t wait too long to buy, even if they don’t need planting yet.



Wummi Apfelblute, Wummi Creme, Grandiflora orange,pink,white,yellow,red. Cascade red,Sunray,Florence.

Pendula white,orange,yellow. Picotee Lace Apricot,White


Avignon,RejmansFirecracker,Twynings White Chocolate,Boy Scout,Mingus Alex, Bishop of Llandaff, Autum Fairy,Sincerity,Black Touch,Nuit d’Ete,Shooting Star,Apache,Veritable,Vancouver,Dutch Explosion,Explosion,Optic Illusion


Hollandica Silvery Beauty,Gypsy Beauty,Blue,White


Peter Pears,Oscar,Kirov,ramosus Robinetta, Butterfly Fergie, Fairytale Pink, Espresso,Burgundy, Cote d’Azur, White Prosperity, callianthus Murielae, nanus Nymph, Sugar Plum


Casa Blanca, Dimension, Easy Dance, Easy Salsa, Gran Tourismo, Elodie, Flore Pleno, Stargazer, Navona

Other Bulbs

Anenome coronaria Bicolor,, Bride, Mr. Fokker, Hollandia

Crinum powellii, powellii Album

Canna City of Portland,Wyoming, Yellow King Humbert, Red King Humbert

Crocosmia Lucifer, George Davidson

Ranunculus Orange, Yellow


Nerine bowdenii

Ornithogalum saundersiae

Hymenocallis festalis

Agapanthus Blue, White

Allium Ambassador

Happy Bee Mix, Happy Butterfly mix  (bags of mixed bulbs)